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o you've decided it's time to show your face to the dating world! Read what the experts and online daters have to say... and relaxed, and the photo looks just like you at your best," says Jacquie, 43.Do you post just your favorite shot from your sister's wedding... "Two photos can be good for accuracy if the shots show different sides of the person, as in nicely dressed and casual or contemplative and carefree.Bacon warns that whatever size you are in your photo, you should still be wearing that size when you walk through the door.Otherwise, you've entered the realm of deceiving your date." Bottom line, you can get away with posting just one or two photos, but you must keep them updated. I'm not sure why there are individuals who put up their high school prom photo alongside one where they're bald, but they do!If your photo doesn't look like what you see in your bathroom mirror, don't use it," says Bacon. Photo displays in this range can encourage individual expression."I've seen some initial photos where I thought the guy was good-looking, but then by the fourth or fifth photo, I've decided he wasn't handsome at all and moved on." She explains that if she hadn't seen the other pictures, she might have started communicating with him and opened the door to dating.

Anything more than that seems like you're trying too hard to me." Pros: This approach works well with the time-crunched.

"This is the number one complaint I hear," says Bacon.

"It's so much better to start off on the right foot!

Cons: Posting every photo in your digital file can smack of an oversize ego to some daters.

"The folks that post more than five photos strike me as narcissistic," says Molly.

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As a standard, Geraci recommends posting a clear, well-framed, flattering face shot as the primary photo and a full-body shot as the second.

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