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Single mother, pregnant with my second, just ended the relationship with the dad.All of my friends either live far away or are just unavailable most of the time.Less than two months later he disappeared, leaving her heartbroken and in thousands of dollars of debt.

*********** *********** Thank you-Team SG I am sad. I am waiting on test results for a diagnosis that I’ve been trying to get for months. I find it difficult to justify my conditions to other. How do I convince my dad to take me back to therapy without threatening? I know I don't "need" it, but I really think it could help a lot. I NEED TO TALK TO MY FRIENDS BUT I KNOW NOW IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME.

I struggle with arthritis in very nearly every major joint which makes everything I do much har...

I broke down, thinking that it was rock bottom of my depression.

Finally, just after he told Ms Marshall he had left Dubai, he cut off all contact."I realised it was a scam," she said.

Ms Marshall was left thousands of dollars in debt."Some of it was personal savings, some of it was increases in my credit cards, and finally when I was getting desperate I took money out of my self-managed super fund, which I was not allowed to do."The tax office made her close the fund down and demanded she pay tax on the amount she withdrew."I've ended up with a tax debt of over ,000," she said."I've got absolutely no idea how I'll pay it because my job was made redundant last August."She hopes to find a publisher for a book she has written about her experience.

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