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Decryption key is the result of = random browser data unique random pool data (mouse, keyboard and touchpad actions) your passphrase. The key and the message meet each other only after you open the link via HTTPS in your browser. But he has to keep the link opened until he gets the right passphrase. instead of typing the plain text and uploading your documents and pictures like they are. Share your secrets only with the people you choose. Browser navigation buttons are not supported due to security.

If your passphrase is weak enough (like "1111" or "qwerty") he may guess it and get the message. These services have full access to all your private data and they may use it. You cannot get chat's history or return to a chat by clicking back/forward in your browser.

Could I open the same link and read the message again? It makes no sense to keep IP addresses, cos all anonymous messages are stored encrypted, and nobody could read them, even our sys admin. You will get a read link with such information : 'Here was your message. If this happened by the accident, a new chat should be created.Everybody has only one chance to open the link and read the safety message. It is removed due to security.' Is it possible to see a recently read messages using the history of the browser, the back and forward button? There's no way to join a chat that is already active.No, we took such feature of the browser into account. Client browser uses random data, your passphrase and the data encryption algorithm of Vernam (AES 256) to encrypt the message. We do not store any keys on the server - you only get the link with the key inside. My friend sent me the link secured by passphrase, but it showed me : 'Here was your message. It happens from time to time, so I get the "dead" links from my friend only. This means, that someone is first to open your links from time to time. You may securely paste the URLs into Gmail, Skype, Viber, Whats App, VK, Facebook etc. This error may be also caused by using browser's navigation while chatting.Message URL consists of two parts: the first part has a unique identifier of the encrypted message, and the second part is not transmitted to the server, but decrypts the message. - no decryption #key on the server means you can’t reopen the URL again. - the key creation process is the result of browser random data your secure passphrase unique random data from Fortuna PRNG algorithm. If you use weak passphrases – this is the 1st possibility to get your message. If you have Trojan or key logger working on your computer - this is the 2nd possibility to get your message.

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