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Unfortunately, herpes scams are all over the web and can appear legitimate to the unsuspecting readers.

There are many dishonest people and companies who prey upon people with genital herpes and other STDs.

All references to the study being a “Phase III” clinical trial were finally removed, and some of the flaws in the study’s methodology were cited, but underplayed.

However, they still managed too sneak in some “marketing jargon” into their conclusions, such as “remarkably, the effects seen from the product came from a single application.” We had to laugh when we read that line in a medical journal, since the word “remarkably” was clearly marketing hype.

Yes, the product uses a single application – but that doesn’t mean it works.

There is nothing “remarkable” or “surprising” about the results, if the study was intentionally designed to compare a single-application product to a comparator product that needed to be applied 5 times per day.

However, previously downloaded copies of Dynamiclear’s own summary of their research show that they had been mislabeling this as a “Phase III” clinical trial from 2006 until August 2012.In this study, they compared a one-time application of Dynamiclear (a liquid) to an a comparator product – a 5 times per day application of a cream containing Acyclovir – which is NOT the “standard of care” treatment for genital herpes.No medical professionals in the US recommend applying topical treatments for genital herpes – and certainly nobody recommends applying acyclovir cream 5 times a day to one’s genitals.Later, they appeared to come clean (not really) by suggesting that they were a “sponsor” of the website, and did not disclose that they are actually the “owner.” Such misrepresentations are common for this company.In July 2007, a year after the FDA warning letter was sent, Global Herbal Supplies stopped marketing Choraphor and introduced a new product called Dynamiclear, another single-application topical herpes treatment which is very similar to Choraphor in use and application, except for a few different ingredients.

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