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"[She takes a deep breath] Well, there are a lot of emotions that have happened after he left me. I would have thought that they would have said, 'You know what Vicki, if he's lying or not lying, we still love you.' There would be no reason for me to lie. I am not going to be like Tamra [Judge] and go out and do detective work on someone that I am sleeping with and loving…The truth will always come out one way or the other so…I just loved him. I mean, I do believe he was sick, nobody can lose the amount of weight that he did.It was actually August 4th of last year when everything was starting to tumble around. I haven't seen him since the day that he pulled out of the drive way and I was just in shock like, 'What is going on? ' and he was like, 'You are never going to know, you don't deserve to know because you are going to share it with the cast.'"Here we are, almost a year later. Nobody can throw up and have fevers the way that he did. I saw the bills of all of these supplements he was taking. In a normal situation, if you were sick, or your boyfriend or a family member, would you ask them for medical records? That is where it started crossing the line and I think that is where he pulled back and said I am not sharing anything with you."I didn't think you were going to return this season."I didn't either. And I went in knowing that it was going to get a little bumpy, but I have been on this show for 10 years and this is my 11th season. News uncovered one of the biggest scandals in reality TV history about Vicki Gunvalson's ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers.

So to get a call to ask if I would interview her, at Vicki's request, was surprising to say the least.

He lied to everyone else for whatever reason, I don't know and I will never know why he did what he did.

Vicki and Brooks split up in the months before his sit-down with E! "August 4th," Vicki reminds me of the exact date she saw him, his face clearly etched in her memory.

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Since moving in with Sanchez's family - the kids have undergone therapy.

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