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Which if you don’t understand Arabic, means ‘I am beautiful.’ This is real stuff, I’m not inventing this!

BIO ONE First one…with a screen name called “Bishbish109.” Male, 22, lives in the Southern USA (I won’t tell you what state), 6 foot 4, describes himself as “Athletic.” Speaks Arabic, English, Italian, Spanish, French and German. Like’s hiphop, likes Arabic old school and ofcourse on top of that coptic hymns! I am looking to marry within a couple of months.” Straight to the point, he’s not messing around!

They smile, they laugh, they come back to church the next week and everything’s fine. No, mother’s day the sermon has to be how special they are; how much we love them; how much we need them.

We see this every father’s day, every father’s day the sermon’s always bashing fathers about how horrible the family unity and how it’s all the father’s fault, they smile, they kinda look up and come back next week. Even from the very beginning in school, I can think of every single year we did great mother’s day things, I can’t think of one thing they ever taught us to do for father’s day. But mothers…we have to kinda speak in a “sensitive” way or else they’re going to kill you! In your handout, at the very very top, underneath the title, you’ll see there’s an internet address [email protected]

I get a little cut of the commission here or something hahahaaa.

Here goes…I’m going to switch some of the names like some of them I’m going to give you the name but it may not be associated with that particular bio just for the sake of privacy, I don’t know, maybe it’s someone here or something like that.

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