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(桜蘭高校ホスト部サントラ&キャラソン集 後編 - Album - 2006)" class="_2c1El Nx Hftd8W_n Ztc G9zf _33Pa96SGh FVp Ze I6a7Y_Pl" data-click-id="image" role="img" style="background-image:url(https://a.thumbs.redditmedia.com/hfx Pld0ba Mb HFXf RRd-_0A5mwh1E3y0Y1-gje72ezf0.jpg);border-color:#ff0075"I personally relate myself more to Honey Senpai and Tamaki, but they aren't my favorite.

My favorite hosts are Hikaru, Kaoru, and Kyoya, because of their personalities.

However, I found that many of them featured one-off characters that were either not shown again or else not all that important by the end. Well, unlike what its name could fool you into thinking, it actually isn't Muslim propaganda for teenagers, but rather a self-aware reverse harem that focuses on a girl as she joins a club filled with handsome men (because of course) due to owing them money.

And indeed, they're mean-spirited, physically abusive, and inclined towards molesting random females. Their presence was far too cringy to stomach and I ended up reading the wiki on those episodes instead.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't present cringe as a point of criticism, but as these episodes are supposed to serve a comedic purpose, I think that said criticism is apt here.

Other than those, episode 13 was especially pointless since it was merely a dream and contributed absolutely nothing, be it in terms of fleshing out the student body or furthering the characters already present.

Granted, it made quite minuscule by the comedic mundanity of the setting, but it is nonetheless something that bothered me.

I acknowledge this to be a pedantic complaint, but it is still something that bothered me.

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And, lastly, in episode 22, a guy learns that Haruhi (the MC) is busy undressing and goes after her with the intent to thank her, but finds her undressing instead.

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