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There’s even a running joke about the fact that I’ve dated THREE childhood friends of one of my law school classmates.And don’t get me started on meeting a potential husband in a bar.I out to lunch dating service ask her several questions about dating and she was honest with me and provided some good insight. Now I'm married, no thanks to them, and they keep leaving deceitful, harrassing messages, 3 times a week.April 16, So far, my experience has been nice with It's Just Lunch.

The building directory ever-so-discreetly listed my destination as “IJL.” Walking into the “happy” yellow-walled lobby and blaring Frank Sinatra initially sickened me, but luckily Lizzie and her Limited Express sexy-executive pantsuit whisked me into her private office before I had time to fixate.Every single IJL employee who was assigned to my account was fired within the first few days of my on-boarding. I feel like I just got connected with him, because he needed a date and they just wasted my time to fulfil his date quota.Out to lunch dating service has listened to my feelings and we have had great conversations about what I am looking for.Lizzie continued to lay it on thick about how she’d only match me up with guys whose interview answers mirrored mine, and the process will be refined over time by my preferences.After dates, I would have to give “brutally honest feedback” to my rep, who would use the information to further refine subsequent matches.

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