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The bad news was she could not remember the important thing by the time she got there, leaving them to sit around confused for a moment.Before she could worry about letting them down, they came up with the idea of letting the Garfont Mercenaries investigate to see if they could find the important thing themselves.Since these stories can't really be stretched into 10-15 page comics on their own and there's been an extra push (sorry, pun intended) of messing comics lately, so to make up for it I have a reasonably priced collection containing 3 of these brief tales all bundled into one 21 page release all involving urine and urination in some way. In each, a cute girl records herself talking (about her desperation, I assume) before eventually wetting herself.There's a pretty large variety of girls, outfits and reactions in this set, so there should be something here for everyone.She had several questions in her mind, like what those kids were doing here or what led to them having to pee outside like this.

She had no idea how anyone managed to live here in… She remembered waking up, that much was obvious, and her full stomach let her know that she had breakfast… It tasted kinda like carrot with some kind of meat. Finch spun in a circle both literally and mentally until a slamming door snapped her out of her endless loop. In any case, they had a lot of brown fur covering their bodies, which was probably why they only wore light clothes in this frigid place, not even any shoes for that matter.

A second later, and they both hobbled to a far wall, their backs turned to Finch.

Upon reaching it, the boy fiddled with his shorts, and the girl squatted down while pulling her short shorts and underwear to her knees, her sarong hiding her bottom from view.

Ok, so I've been following the Omorashi Twitter Account thread for a while: And trying to figure out a way to download some of the videos.

Well, I had a quiet afternoon and thought, heck, I'll download them all.

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A half-hour later, and the mercs returned with the most awful news: a group of soldiers in Theoscaldia Palace were planning an uprising to overthrow King Eulogimenos!

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