Outline some limitations in using radiocarbon dating

Far, far more people have been saved because of blood transfusions than have died because of them. There have been far, far more scandals concerning priests and other shamans than doctors, has Noel forgotten that? It is not informed, it is a religious belief based on their interpretation of the bible.What is really funny about all this is that the majority of bible students of other Christian religions do not interpret the bible to mean this.As a parent of 5 children I know how hard it must be for some one facing this prediciment, all JW parents believe it is thier duty to preserve the life of their children but if they totally disagree with a doctors methods of treatment why would this amount to negligance?many other treatments are available if the doctors are open minded enough to use them and we would absolutely seek other transfusions (non blood) or treatment, remember this would have been an issue when doctors bleed patients, if some one believed this was the wrong way to treat his child would we now say he was negligent because he would not let the doctor treat his child with bleeding? Unfortunately no matter what treatment one decides when a serious operation is involved there is always a risk that the patient will die.In a case in the US in the 80's a little boy was made a ward of court and his prents were threatened with negligence in order that dosctors could save his life with a blood transfusion.The fundemental problem here is that society cannot allow people cause the death of another just because of their superstitious beliefs.However, choice is the key - everyone has the right to choose what to do in a given situation.

Given the recent issues with AIDS and Hepatitis being transmitted from blood transfusions, perhaps this is a wise Interpretation of Gods word in the Bible.We would not believe though that stored blood conforms to the Bibles direction on use of blood).Whne I was three years old my mother needed a vital blood transfusion following a miscarriage, at the age of seven my father needed a blood transfusion following a heart operation.As one of Jehovah's Witnesses I want to make that decision (what treatment to accept for me and my dependents)and not the state.Remember the saying "Doctors differ and patients die".

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