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VW Traffic Center’s seasoned traffic reporters gather and process real-time information to help you avoid unnecessary delays each weekday morning and afternoon.VWTraffic delivers up-to-the-minute information to leading Radio and Television broadcast outlets in the Chattanooga Metropolitan Area.• Sit down and talk with child why it is necessary to make a few changes in her lifestyle and diet habits to prevent future disease.This step is critical, because if your child cannot be in the same page, you will encounter plenty of resistances. Do not just tell her to do it, you need to accompany her and make an example.For each kilogram of body weight, she needs to drink 1.75g of glucose.

A few doctors also indicate that glycated hemoglobin test is a good tool to diagnose pre-diabetes signs in children.

Even better would be one-hour-a-day program, you should also include some resistance exercises every 3 days. Limit television, computers, mobile phones, and video games usages.

You can exclude the time she needs to do her homework on the computer. You can return to these places once in awhile when weight problems are under control. Replace it when plant protein for example, soybeans. • Be creative, you can’t expect your child to eat a lump of boiled spinach happily. For a child, a vegetable serving is usually smaller than for adults.

If your child is overweight now, you shouldn’t wait, start to encourage appropriate changes in lifestyle immediately.

For an obese child, you have to find out whether she has pre-diabetes signs.

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