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But I’m grateful to have learned that there’s not only one way to go about healthy Christian dating relationships.

There is, however, one God, and His ways are perfect. We rest fully on His promises to guide us and protect our kids.

We’ve been doing this teenage parenting thing for eight years now with not one son but four. Trying to parent without guidance and the peace that comes through knowing we have the Ultimate Source of Wisdom living within us leads only to heartache and worry. It’s miserable, because I don’t care how great our kids are, Satan wants to win them. My favorite question to ask my boys when they tell me they like a girl is this one: “What do you like about her?

Where there are teenage sons, there are teenage girls. I’ll skip sharing all the naive stuff I said and did as I first navigated girl attraction and young relationships with our offspring because it’s bad enough that our oldest son had to live through it. There’s not one exact thing that will work exactly exact for every single person or couple. And he wants to distract me and deceive me into thinking I am powerless as a parent. ” If they don’t have much to say, it lets me know right away that the attraction is more about appearance than character.

It didn’t take long, then, for our boys to realize that it was actually quite fun to have a girl’s attention. But the rest is not history, as it is right smack in the middle of our present.Pray continuously for guidance and discernment and God will show you the right things for you and your family.You have to decide what is best for you and your children and stand tough! Before our sons were old enough to realize that girls were worth thinking about, Matt and I started telling them, “Don’t focus on dating relationships until you’re in college and old enough to consider marriage.Treat girls like the Christian sisters that they are.

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This is the policy that my husband and I agreed on when our oldest was very young. We encouraged group activities, no double dating, always in a group and with an adult present until they were at least 16 or 17.

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