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As far as he was concerned, the only ship Tom ever was going to serve on had to have a Starfleet insignia on it. ( During his first year at the Academy, Paris fell in love for the first time with a girl named Susie Crabtree.When she broke off the relationship he recalls breaking out in hives, unable to get out of bed for a week, and almost failing Stellar Cartography.As a result, Paris and his father had a rather troubled relationship and at some point Tom just wanted him out of his life.Despite this, Paris loved his bedroom back home as he often locked himself away in there, not only to cry, but also to play games and listen to music.There, he frequented a small bar known as Sandrine's where he once met a girl by the name of Ricky.( Upon graduating from the Academy, Paris was assigned to the USS Exeter.He once remarked that "the ghosts of those three dead officers came to me in the middle of the night and taught me the true meaning of Christmas" when asked why he finally confessed.

Crying, incidentally, was the one thing Tom recalled doing the most as a teenager.

His haunted past resulted in him receiving a rather cool reception from pretty much everyone on board including the ship's First Officer Cavit, as well as the ship's doctor, who openly expressed their dislike of him.

Chakotay, who was also trapped in the Delta Quadrant with the Voyager crew, was not happy to see him either and upon their first encounter on the bridge, angrily accused Tom of having sold them out for a meager reward.

After joining Voyager to retrieve Chakotay's Maquis ship from the Badlands, he was transferred 70,000 light years across the galaxy, deep into the Delta Quadrant.

( Thomas Eugene Paris was the son of a Starfleet Admiral, Owen Paris.

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Despite rather shaky beginnings and a crew that wondered whether he could be trusted when things got tough, Paris was nonetheless able to gradually redeem himself in the eyes of many.

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