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And although you describe yourself as a fourth date girl, every guy knows one thing: Rules are meant to be broken. She says she never dates short guys, but ends up with a dude who’s 5’6”. Listen, I don’t know any guy who isn’t tantalized by a hint of cleavage and the suggestion that there might be some risqué costumes in your closet. Just sit on the other side of the table, don’t have too much to drink, and make it clear that you’re interested with your words, not your body.But if you find this is consistently putting you in an uncomfortable position, who’s job is it to change tactics? You said “I’m not saying you’re asking for it” and then went on to basically saying she’s asking for it and telling her how she can stop asking for it.To the woman I would say, never feel bad about saying you’re not the kind of girl who has sex on the first date.

Fast forward to 2016,my wife got a job through my sister in Abuja, and everything got worse, she wouldn't get back home till very late everyday. I got to find out she was dating her boss later, even caught her at hotels in ikeja G. A and on the island with her boss at very odd hours of the night. Fast forward to 2017,i asked my wife to come back home, she refused, well I told her the marriage wouldn't work anymore,as she wasnt living with me for the past two years.What is a good way to get a guy to back off on the physical stuff when you first start dating?I dress very sexy and have a nice figure, am attractive and feel like guys are always all over me right away to get physical.Also, if I say things like that I dressed as a dominatrix for Halloween and that I sleep naked, is that considered teasing or flirting? Maybe I mislead guys by talking about these things and that is why they are all over me.Oh, and please don’t tell me to start wearing turtlenecks and khaki pants when I go out because that is not going to happen ;)! Dear Natalie, Let’s see if we can agree on one thing first: If Britney Spears hates the paparazzi, you certainly can’t blame her.

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So the solution is to cover up, not go outside after dark and basically succumb to the fact that men have such a skewed idea of women they think a woman who is aware of her physical attributes or one who wants a bit of independence is by definition cheap and easy.

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