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Louis; during the civil war his parents returned to Port Gibson; after it the boy was sent to St. Louis University where he showed much aptitude for study and was graduated in 1869.

The fever was often attributed to foul, pestilential air from the gutters, or noxious vapors from unsanitary conditions, or even human carriers.was born of mingled Virginia and New England stock, in Port Gibson, Mississippi, June 3, 1853; and died in New Orleans, December 23, 1878. Lynch was unusually clever and well educated: graduated with honors from St. (Although stricken when he was only three months old, he survived the yellow fever epidemic of 1853 in Claiborne County.)His early years were spent in St. This paper says: It would be impossible to describe the pestilence when in the height of its fury. He was literally driven from one to the other till he got to Heath's, where, being too ill to get back to town, he was put in a back shed-room of the dwelling, and died of black vomit on the 20th of September. From the 8th of August to the 31 fifty deaths occurred, and during that month and September utter silence reigned in our streets every home was a hospitalthe dying and the dead were all around corpses, just as the victims died, wrapped in sheets and blankets and hurriedly encoffined, were stealthily lifted out of doors, and sometimes out of windows, and buried in haste at sunriseafter dark, by dim lanterns, and frequently lay all night long in the graveyard unburied. So much were the people of the house alarmed, that the corpse was hurried into a coffin without dressing; his pocket-book of papers, purse of money, and everything on his person, were buried with him.

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