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Most of the working girls there will show up starting late afternoon/early evening.It is this street here (see image below) – a pretty long walk where you’ll see regular girls, ladyboys & a bunch of other sketchy characters.Here are a few shots from Beach Road, so you get an idea of what to expect.Not inside any of the bars, but directly on Walking Street & it’s side alleys.Most of these factors are out of your control, so focus on what you CAN control.Manners, getting straight to the point, being well-groomed. For outdoors, the most obvious & well-known spot is Beach Road.So if you are out for sex then you should know which area to visit (for example Soi Buakhao would be good) and if you are out for a blow job sex then Soi 6 would be the best place to go (or simply one of the many blow job bars).On the other hand, you may find yourself in a shop on Beach Road with your masseuse in a long traditional dress and not willing to provide any happy ending at all.

Right, visiting one of the many, many, many happy ending massage salons around Pattaya.If you arrive early enough, you will see gogo girls walking to their workplaces & can approach them right there – to make a deal for after their shift. Simply stand at the entrance of this place for 15 minutes (during peak time) and you get to see the quality & quantity of girls walking in.But you can approach/ask girls for the price on Walking Street at any time. Of course, you can also approach those same girls directly on Walking Street, but chances are that’ll leave the venue with a customer.I know, you might be thinking those are all tourists and the girls there as well … Full videos of all screenshots below, you can find at KINGEPIC. The truth is, as the night progresses, your chances of finding a working girl in this area increase as most bars/gogos close at a certain time at which point the working girls either go to a after hours club, eat food or leave. After midnight, girls will just stand on both sides of Walking Street. Free entrance at both places (they are connected via stairs inside), so always worth having a look inside if you want. Keep in mind, with each passing hour, fewer girls (and fewer hot girls) will be around.You’re not required to buy a drink, they have decent music & tons of girls every day. Once it closes, a large portion of the crowd moves over the bar opposite of Insomnia to play pool – sometimes until. So, if – god forbid – you wake up early in the morning, you could simply head to this bar & get a freelancer early morning. Especially the malls that are close to the red light areas.

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