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Hospital skit: Thomson a patient is "fiddled with," lessons in how not to treat a "poor specimen." Time for Fun: Fivers Club with Aunty Denise nicely talking down to us.

Captain Fantastic: he is in a rowing boat in a road.

Captain Fantastic (David Jason)- he receives messages in his lunchbox (well this was really a kids' show), and goes in pursuit of a moving tree. The Tartan Thistle Club is about as dull as those other Scottish dancing programmes, though here the dancers all end up by imbibing a wee dram To Do Not... 1.2 A royal procession comes to a halt- the point of this was lost on me.

Identity Parade: Denise Coffey inspects each of the cast paraded in front of her, before making her identification.

The Brit Men are custard pied, before Mrs Black gives him one herself. Naval Gilbert and Sullivan songs to finish To Do Not... 1.6 In the opening scene, a parking warden decorates a parking meter, military style. Michael Palin sits on several chairs which collapse. Then a spaceman is interviewed about life on another planet.

February's Painting of the Month, is followed by a TV survey appeal. Tim Brooke-Taylor turns up as a frogman since Palin is indeed ill, but is told to "push off." Then we have a highly confusing match report.

In summer 1956 he appeared at the Cove Pavilion Weston Super Mare, but though he did go on to more tv in the 1970s, Softy Softly, The Sweeney etc, that's about it for his screen work. Admitted, they are mostly pretty tame and low budget compared with anything children expect these days, but at their best they offered us youngsters fifty and sixty years ago real entertainment.

At the age of 12 he had appeared at Drury Lane, and as a youngster also played at Finsbury Park. Previously in this series: 1 Hazel Powell, 2 Brian Budge, 3 Jill Bechley, 4 Gordon Bradley, 5 Miar Davies, 6 Mair Williams, 7 Joyce Shock, 8 Alan Wells, 9 Alexander John, 10 Pauline Knight, 11 David Kelsey, 12 Heather Stoney In this section you can find my reviews of a few children's programmes that have thankfully survived all the terrible years of wiping and destruction.

Other regulars were Jenny Logan as the vet, and Jane West as her daughter Katie Jackson.

The setting is the fictitious Bearsdale National Park.

Denise Coffey predicts the fortune of David Jason, he is going to be robbed- and is.

An Italian customs officer questions a British minister.

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On top of a piano, Denise Coffey introduces Captain Fantastic.

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