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She has earned a spot, arguably as one of Kenya’s most sought after and highly paid female deejays, and has played at international events in Burundi, Ghana, Nigeria and America.Of course, with life in the limelight and party scene, there are bound to be assumptions and critics.“I started getting offers from producers all over Africa including Nollywood and suddenly a full-fledged career in acting did not seem so out of reach,” she says.The crossover started paying off when in 2014 she got her first nomination in the Ghana Movie Awards in the best actress African collaboration category for her role in the movie, When Love Comes Around.The calls she so desperately longed for also started pouring in as the producers of TV drama series Tahidi High contacted her for a role.The show was an instant hit and Pierra was back in the limelight.She secured a lead role in the KBC drama series Kisulisuli after her role in Tausi did not pan out.Additionally, her producers, recognising her potential, convinced her to join the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication for media studies, even pulling strings and calling in favours to get her in, ultimately changing her career path.

Determined to network with industry bigwigs, she poured herself into her duties and soon enough, climbed through the ranks becoming a camerawoman.Whenever things hit rock bottom, she would contact her elder sister in America to send her cash, never revealing how bad the situation had escalated.“I believed in myself and was determined to make it. I may have been a village girl, but my dreams were beyond the village level,” she says. Audacious words but entertainment siren, Pierra Makena, is unabashed when using them to define herself.“All the success I have enjoyed is because of God’s favour,” the beauty philosophically adds.

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That, however, should not be taken to mean that she did not work hard to get where she has.

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