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It can still be purchased directly from John on his e Bay page or from the Morning Sun site. - 1/31/2009 - The Last Day - The Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway officially ceased to exist January 31st, 2009, at PM. In announcing the decision, Board Chairman Charles D.

Volume Two focuses on the Western Subdivision and was released in late 2014. At midnight, February 1st, the line became Canadian National property. Nottingham stated: "Approval of this important railroad merger, with the conditions we have imposed, marks a significant step forward in our nation's efforts to alleviate rail and highway congestion.

I was going to post a long, heartfelt, political rant about this, but decided against it...

EJ&E fans know how they feel about this, and nothing I could say would ever do justice to that.

I imagine we'll all have to suffer the "I told you so" posts on the rail forums, from all the self proclaimed experts that said this was coming.

If you say something will happen enough times, I guess it will come true eventually. Steel believe that if the application is approved by the STB as filed, it should allow closing in mid-2008.

I'm sure we'll all hold out hope for a miracle, but past history shows us that the miracle rarely comes. EJ&E, a Class II railroad, operates over 198 main line miles of track encircling the City of Chicago from Waukegan, Ill., on the north, to Joliet, Ill., on the west, to Gary, Ind., on the southeast, and then to South Chicago. Hunter Harrison said: "This acquisition is good news for railroading in Chicago.

After carefully considering the results of the environmental analysis and the comments raised—both pro and con—the Board imposed substantial environmental mitigation to minimize potential adverse environmental impacts of the transaction.

The Board also found that any minor anticompetitive effects that may result will be outweighed by the overall transportation benefits of the transaction.

In considering the environmental aspects of the transaction, the Board found that, although the transaction will result in environmental benefits to those living in and near Chicago, it will have adverse environmental impacts on communities along the EJ&E rail line.

Yet another great railroad in a long list of railroads is about to die... 26, 2007) - Canadian National Railway Company and United States Steel Corporation announced today that their respective Boards of Directors have approved an agreement under which CN will acquire the major portion of the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway Company (EJ&E) for 0 million (approximately C1 million). Steel's Transtar subsidiary will retain railroad assets, equipment, and employees that support the Gary Works site in Northwest Indiana and the steelmaking operations of U. The acquisition is subject to regulatory review by the U. This transaction will improve rail operations on the CN system and the rest of the Chicago rail network by moving CN trains out of the urban core to EJ&E lines on the outskirts of the Chicago metropolitan area." U. Our EJ&E employees and customers, and the communities in which we operate will benefit from the EJ&E being part of a large Class I railroad, while U. Steel will be able to focus on the railroad assets serving Gary Works." Harrison said: "This acquisition not only will give CN an opportunity to expand its service to the North American steel industry, but also will drive new efficiencies and operating improvements on CN's network.

The acquisition will significantly improve the fluidity of CN's rail operations in the Chicago region, rewarding customers with faster transit times and more reliable service. Streamlined rail operations and reduced congestion resulting from this acquisition will benefit current CN and EJ&E customers, the City of Chicago, nearby communities, and the overall rail network in the region." CN plans to invest approximately US0 million for integration, new connections, and infrastructure improvements to add capacity on the EJ&E line and allow network synergies to be realized over time.

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