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never mind the fact that they’re not particularly adventurous and get seriously annoyed when their commute is 10 minutes longer than normal because now they’re going to miss part of Game of Thrones and have to wait until the DVR is finished recording.Even when they’re not looking for an Manic Pixie Dream Girl, they usually want an incredibly improbable – and often conflicting – collection of attributes.Most show the same ignorance and judgmental attitude toward any relationship that isn’t just like theirs, or just like they would want theirs to be that dominates other articles and blogs on the Internet.I’m also not fond of the author’s attempts at humor through making fun of Kody’s personal appearance.It should be the right of every citizen in this country to be able to choose their family structure.” That’s far more understanding than many of my mainstream LDS neighbors.Take a look at the article here and let me know what you think.

You feel like you have a neon sign over your head that screams “this guy can’t get laid” and everyone is snickering at you whenever they see you. And what’s one of the best ways to show that you’re not the same loser you used to be? Showing your girlfriend off like a prize isn’t going to convince anyone that you’ve changed.Making derogatory comments about someone’s appearance is really reaching for just the lowest hanging fruit and shows lack of character.What really stood-out for me was Kody’s comment on same-sex marriage: “I believe that I was able to choose our family structure.It not only implies that women have no agency, but that relationships aren’t about chemistry and mutual attraction, but about earning enough points until someone is to.No matter how much we plan or prepare, life frequently finds a way to kick our legs out from under us and drop us on our asses. New relationships especially require careful nurturing; it’s all-too-easy for a new or burgeoning relationship to fall apart because of unintentional neglect. It might be that your job has piled on the hours until you’re working 12 to 15 hour days without a break.

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