Poor girl dating a rich guy

I truly cannot tell you how many times I have heard a girl say this, seriously convinced that a rich man will be waiting for them no matter what they do to tarnish their reputation each day.

These women never end up with a rich man because rich men aren't stupid enough to marry women this dumb.It seems to me that there would be a lot of women who'd be into this, but how exactly do I find them without crossing over that fine line of girl-who-likes-to-be-spoiled to hooker-who-nags-me-about-when-we're-shopping-again?Am I just kidding myself that there is even a difference other than one has tact and the other doesn't? I'm looking for a girl to take traveling, to explore restaurants and go to shows but to do all this, she sort of has to have a lot of free time on her hands.Okay - as a parent, I'm looking at this and alarm bells are ringing.What are you hoping for in exchange to this girls company - and before you say companionship, have you considered taking an retired gentleman whose wife has passed and who would likely love the experience and company ? I mean, is it so hard to imagine that someone wouldn't want marriage, wouldn't want kids, wouldn't want the intrusion of someone who'd heavily modify your life?

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When you see a 55 year old man with a 22 year old girl, you know that she is there for his money, not his looks or personality.

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