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Larry told Us Weekly he wanted his daughter to “know why her mom loved this place so much.” Anna had happy and sad times in the Bahamas.It is where she gave birth to Dannielynn in September 2006, but also where she lost her son Daniel, 20, just three days later.Roy Moore alleges voter fraud, files challenge to election defeat Iran votes to declare Jerusalem ‘everlasting capital of Palestine’.

Remember Trent Franks and Al Frankenstein/Frankenweiner/Weiner/Weinstein stuff.

According to Sinwar, Soleimani asserted that “Iran, the Revolutionary Guards and Quds Force stand with all they have with our people in order to defend Jerusalem so that Jerusalem will endure as the capital of the state of Palestine.”Attackers storm Shiite cultural center in Kabul, 35 killed Your NBA uniform report: City edition.

Memphis went Civil Rights, Golden State went with Chinese Dragon dubbed “the greatest uniform of all time” considered by many, including your friendly uniform columnist, to be the greatest uniform in basketball history — is the gift that keeps on giving, as Golden State continues to come up with new riffs on that classic concept.

Two tours to two different UNESCO World Heritage Sites in one day.

One to the ancient Champa Kingdom of My Son, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was the ...

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