Prewar gibson mastertone banjo dating

the neck was built years ago by a man whom i had heard of that worked in a furniture factory that could build a neck as good as any craftsman at gibson.

he would order the fingerboard inlaid for .50 pearwood overlay and on his time off, had access to the tools of the factory where he worked.

Even the experts can be fooled, because there are some really good old fakes out there and there are often authentic anomalies, the classic "floor-sweep" models, etc.

Having a serial number in itself is not a sure-fire way of authenticating, either._________________________________________This too shall pass...

Winchester has a date stigma attached to it as well. It makes perfect sense to me why these banjo's are missing some marks...

sort of,jimbo Through the years I have also seen 2 single flange Studio King banjos (one flat/one arch and a s ingle flange Recording King archtop that had no numbers at all.(and of course no decal) All maoh like style 3 gibson woodwork.

Could anyone tell me a little more about the Prewar banjos without serial numbers - are there many? Year is likely ' have a TB-75 conversion that left the factory March 19, 1940 that doesn't have a number in the rim but has the Mastertone label.My grandfather was a perfect example of many hungry musicians back then.And before anybody asks, no I don't have all the parts he had. Thanks a lot of the non mastertone models in the late 30.s were stamped on the back of the peghead, not in the wood rim. I have a TB-75 flathead that has no serial # on the rim, but it does have a Mastertone decal.Its stamped on the back of the peghead and wrote inside the resonator.

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tells me he has seen the neck and you can not tell it from an original. I always figured that the resonator numbers were painted over with the blue paint..

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