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So there are two possibilities – maybe she’s actually single for quite some time or perhaps she’s guarding her personal life extra-cautiously. Well, here’s what Pee Cee had to say about her love life during an interview with the popular magazine, Who I’m seeing is for me to know and for you to find out!But seriously, though, I prefer not talk about it because of that privacy I mentioned.“We were on a similar table and we definitely know each other,” she reacted bashfully. ’ And I resembled, ‘Better believe it, OK, we should go together.’ It wound up working out.” Priyanka Chopra Dating Photos Significantly more as of late, Chopra suggested her relationship status when asked amid an appearance on Watch What Happens Live in the event that she was conveying a date to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding.“Ish, there’s a choice pending on that,” she prodded with a grin.

She has done various Tamil movies and bollywood movies and also did International songs with Hollywood singers.

I quite like it, and the minute you say anything, it’s this huge spectacle for people to discuss… You hear one link-up rumour after another, and they’re so ridiculous! Considering Pee Cee hasn’t denied being in a relationship, we can’t help but wonder if she is really seeing someone after all!

And during the same interview, Piggy Chops even spoke about how she makes a great girlfriend.

Priyanka Chopra Dating Photos Chopra and Jonas have known each other since before a year ago’s Met Gala, where they strolled celebrity main street together in Ralph Lauren plans.

Jimmy Kimmel barbecued the on-screen character, 35, on her science with the previous Disney star, 25, yet Priyanka said the joint appearance was simply dispassionate.

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