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But Germain explained that there is another path, one where instead of disclosing specific, difficult memories, a veteran can share the emotional consequences that resulted from spending time at war, because it’s the emotional response where veterans and non-veterans can find common ground.

PTSD can affect how couples get along with each other. In general, PTSD can have a negative effect on the whole family.Compared to Veterans without PTSD, Veterans with PTSD have more marital troubles.They share less of their thoughts and feelings with their partners.Ben Keen said when he began experiencing the signs that accompany PTSD, he tried to keep it to himself, both because he didn’t understand what was happening to him, “and the other half of it was that I tucked it away because I didn’t want people to find out, and I didn’t want to be tagged as a crazy soldier, or people think that all of my accolades mean nothing now because I can’t hack it.” These days Keen accepts that PTSD is a permanent part of his life.Keen, 31, runs a veterans outreach group called Steel City Vets.

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According to the National Institute of Health, a growing body of research suggests that involving partners and close family members in treatment for PTSD is beneficial and can lead to improvements in symptoms.

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