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You have a up hill battle when it comes finding a Latino man for a black woman, you better try going for white men.

I know a lot about Puerto Ricans because I grew up with them and most do not date black women, they will sleep and have sex with one, hell might even give you a baby but will not be in a long commited relationship with black women.

I more interested in stayin in the US tho, because I dont kno Spanish, and most PRs in the US are a bit more Americanized and bilingual, maybe he could teach me something.

I chose Puerto Rico because that's where they are from. Growing up, my mom met a lot of Puerto Ricans in that area of the country. Your a black female looking for a life time Puerto Rican male spouse.

After a while she was able to understand everything they said to her. The regions of this country which has a decent sized Puerto Rican population is NYC area plus its suburbs, NJ, Eastern PA, Central Florida like Orlando and Tampa, and Puerto Rico itself.

Ooo BURN Devils advocate , I don't know about that when I was in NYC Puerto Rican men/Hispanic men easily courted me, and I mean hard.

I can say that you goal is very unrealistic, also try the Island of enchantment aka Puerto Rock for a PR man.(Well I have one now but he is married so of course he doesn't count for me.)Also note here in NYC there is a declining PR population as of currently.Many Prs are moving to Pa, NC Florida, and upstate NY.Im highly attracted to Puerto Rican men, and Caribbean Hispanics in general.Im willing to relocate to an area with a big-city atmosphere, with decent job opportunities, and a large Puerto Rican population.

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