Puritan dating rituals

Lucius Manlius Sargent, in his collection , noted the custom of early funerals was for guests to view the body and then proceed to a nearby table – always provided.They could then choose liquor from a well-stocked bar.Occasionally, the men would set down the bier on a slab to rest.Families sent mourning gloves to people expected to attend the funeral of a departed loved one.This custom began dying out in the early 1700s, however, as popular sentiment began building behind the idea that a few well-chosen words were appropriate at a graveside.

They were fashionable, respectful and, for ministers at least, plentiful.Once he has stated his intentions and feelings for her to them and they approve, at the right time he can approach her about it, noting that He has the intention to see if they have the possibily of commiting to each other on higher level of commitment.The entire relationship is based on THAT direction, guided by trusted friends and family.Andrew Eliot, ordained pastor of Boston’s North Church in 1742, kept a careful diary of his life. His diary shows a steady effort to divest himself of the gloves over the years.In his 32 years as a minister, he received 2,940 pairs of funeral gloves. The families of the deceased often created commemorative rings for their loved ones.

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They would be distributed to families, close friends and ministers.

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