Purity in dating relationships who is guy burnet dating

Before the couple begin to love on each other,they must first receive love from Christ who is the source.

The only way a man can fully love on a woman according to the biblical perspective,which states that a man should love his wife just as Christ loved the church,is if the man first receives love from Christ the source of love.

It is important to know your partners personality and how they respond to and deal with life’s issues 7. The holyspirit gives wisdom to tackle issues Don‘ts 1.

Do not go telling everyone how you had an argument.

both of you contributed to it only in different percentages. Remain calm and don’t make any hasty decision out of impulse or emotional outbursts 2.personally as Mideva I would say that the most a Christian couple should go is a peck and not on the lips but on the forehead or cheek.I won’t limit it to only hugging because I presume we all have friends of the opposite sex who we hug daily and hence There must be a difference between them and whoever your dating…Touching should not Even be considered let alone thought of.My future husband and I are definitely waiting till our wedding day. According to me,a godly relationship is two imperfect beings involving one supreme being.The love should be like a triangle where Christ is at the top meaning Christ is the source and the man and woman are at the receiving ends below on the two corners meaning both of them are recipients of the love of Christ.

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