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Pricing and availability The 2018 release of Quicken is available now at and at select retailers including Amazon, Staples, and more.

About Quicken For more than 30 years, Quicken, the top personal money management software, has been the trusted financial solution for millions of consumers. remains deeply committed to helping individuals and families lead healthy financial lives.

A recent Windows security update failed to install on my Windows 7 laptop.

The Windows sign-off indicated the operating system was installing an update before shutting down, but the patch never installed. (Note that on my laptop the update took several minutes to install.) If the update continues to play hard to get, Microsoft recommends that you uninstall all versions of .

No way, no how will I pay an annual subscription fee. I don't want to update stocks, do bill pay or anything online... Since upgrading to 2018 I have had nothing but problems.

Quicken had a protocol where you would need to update about every 36 months (maybe a bit more). I just want a reliable checking/savings program that works. I have lost transactions, been unable to download from institutions and the last time I ran it the program was "saving to Quicken 2016," which I didn't think was even on my computer.

I sincerely hope that Quicken shot themselves in the foot with the fee scheme. ALL the software I own (quite a lot) installed without problem, EXCEPT for Quicken 2015 Deluxe. I have been using Quicken since 1994 and now they want to force me to upgrade and pay outrageous fees. We have been satisfied, loyal Quicken customers since the early 90's. Quicken-Turbo Tax-Intuit has exploded & gone separate ways.

I cannot use the version 15 which worked fine to my needs. The purchasers of Quicken have decided to gouge the existing customer base.

Rather than purchase upgrades every year, customers automatically continue to receive the latest version of Quicken as long as they maintain their membership.From staying on top of finances to managing investments, the 2018 releases of Quicken help customers manage their finances at every stage of life.Expanded Mac capabilities For the first time ever, Mac users now have access to a choice of products, including Quicken Starter, Quicken Deluxe, and Quicken Premier.If you didn’t upgrade you lost the ability to automatically download from your credit cards. Now if I wanted to be frugal I would have just downloaded the files from each site and imported them. Several of the software packages I DID reinstall were much older than Quicken's. I was a loyal Quicken customer for over 25 years, but now I can't use software 3 years old! I've spent hours with tech support but each time there is a partial fix and I manually update my registers something else goes haywire and I am back to lost info and am unable to reconcile through online.During a three year cycle, the annual subscription fee is equivalent to a 300% increase. Quicken will not get a dime from me for any future upgrades and I will go back to the manual downgrade / import of the files. My desktop needed to be factory reset because of a corrupted file. I know all the story of Intuit selling off Quicken. Does anyone have a better product for personal investing and home finance?

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