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Rabbi Benjamin Blech Life is all about the ability to get up from challenge.

Greatness is defined as getting up one more time than what you've fallen down.

Basically it, the show usually airs very late at night due to it's mature subject matter, just when all the other channels are plugging in re-runs.

How does this show compare to the other late-night cartoon comedies(like Adult swim, Toon at Night, etc.)? The show is about Mark Dexler chilling with his 2 roomies Woody and VJ and gal pal Sam, and their quests for getting drunk and chasing tail.

The characters are very vain and mean spirited just for the fun of it(but not in a "glorious bastard" or "loveable villain" way) making it hard to relate or cheer them on.

And the views on race and gender sort of reinforce negative stereotypes(just slightly) rather than parody media and the general public way of thinking.

"You can only imagine that it's going to be that much worse after the storm," said Scott Norman, executive director of the Texas Association of Builders, who held a conference call with his members today to discuss the storm, in an interview.

Experts are also warning that scammers offering to rebuild houses quickly or on the cheap may prey on residents eager to fix their damaged properties.

15-year-old twins, Cally and Lance Stone, discover a mysterious comic book called Dark Oracle that can somehow predict their future and whose protagonists, Cally and Lance's doppelgangers, can influence reality itself.Suspicious, she took the ring to another jeweler, who tested the stone and declared that it was moissanite, a cheaper stone."I felt sick to my stomach," Clarius told the publication.She said she believed the original diamond was replaced during an earlier repair at Kay, and that she had never taken the ring to another store for repairs.A recent survey by the National Association of Homebuilders found shortages of some construction trades are at their worst level since 2000.The trade group found more than 70 percent of builders reported difficulty in hiring carpenters, 63 percent had trouble in attracting masons and more than half experienced challenges in finding roofers, plumbers, painters, and electricians.

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