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As for Mc Adams, she plays the beautiful, smart girl (who for some reason is always dating the wrong guy) well enough, but is left only the scraps of humor. Scott is right that the end nearly hits a wall when it has the romantic montage.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about this movie is simply the fact that it's rated R. The best scenes are when they are staying at the families home. Is there any bigger cliche than playing a love song while it shows two parted lovers being miserable without each other?

Somehow we are supposed to root for Owen Wilson when he falls in love with a woman who's already engaged to another man (Bradley Cooper in an early comedic role).

Although just why this otherwise intelligent and together woman (played by the eternally annoying Rachel Mc Adams) would be with this Neanderthal in the first place is never explained.

If they had remained true to these characters and ended it with them off to get laid at the next wedding I would have enjoyed it more.

What begins as a man's frat-boy fantasy winds up squarely in chick-flick territory.

It stays funny until the end, but that's despite the clichéd storyline rather than because of it, although the ending is given a boost of humor when Ferrell shows up for his eleventh-hour cameo.

While the whole movie is funny, it is the first act that is the funniest.

Once John and Jeremy become ensconced in the family house, despite a hilarious turn by Vaughn and Isla Fisher as the psychotic bridesmaid, the movie really turns into a conventional romantic comedy.

Sheen, meanwhile, dated Kate Beckinsale for eight years and have a 14-year-old daughter, Lily.

Recently there's cropped up a group of actors appearing in a variety of comedies, including Luke and Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller.

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No reason has yet been cited behind the apparent break up.

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