Radiocarbon dating of ancient rock paintings

Las fechas obtenidas tienen un promedio entre 110–140 años de más antiguedad que lasfechas calendricas.

Hay diverses posibilidades que expliican esta discrepancia, la primera es aplicable a todas lasfechas de radiocarbono en carbon; la segunda, es aplicable apinturas rupestres y la tercera, es especifica para el trópico.

Rowe describes a new, highly sensitive dating method, called accelerator mass spectrometry, that requires only 0.05 milligrams of carbon (the weight of 50 specks of dust).That's much less than the several grams of carbon needed with radiocarbon dating.The research included analyzing pictographs from numerous countries over a span of 15 years.According to Rowe, it validates the method and allows rock painting to join bones, pottery and other artifacts that tell secrets of ancient societies."Because of the prior lack of methods for dating rock art, archaeologists had almost completely ignored it before the 1990s," he explained.

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According to scientists, old cave paintings were overlaid with other depictions, which itself bore marks created by prehistoric beasts, on top of the younger artwork.

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