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The chief tribals are Bhumijs, Birhores, Kherias, Lodhas, Mundas, Oraons, Paharias, Santals, etc. About 210 plant species are used by the aborigines as medicine in Purulia district The survey conducted during January 1997 to April 2003 involved field studies in terms of collection of information on medicinal uses of plant species, authenticated by voucher specimens.

The information have been verified with tribals inhabited at different places of the district.

have i arrived at the right home of the odonaghue of glenflesk castle clan if so could you confirm if you are descentants of this line Doine done donne doyon doyn doyne duin duinn dun Dunn dunne dyne Hua duinn Mc dunn Odienne Odoghon Odoyne Oduin oduinn odunne oduyne Ua duinn ui duinn ui dhuinn house 1. After a series of animal transformations he eventually became a man again and told his people's story. It was this Niul that employed Gaodhal [Gael], son of Ethor, a learned and skilful man, to compose or rather refine and adorn the language, called Bearla Tobbai, which was common to all Niul's posterity, and afterwards called Gaodhilg (or Gaelic), from the said Gaodhal who composed or refined it; and for his sake also Niul called his own eldest son "Gaodhal." [The following is a translation of an extract from the derivation of this proper name, as given in Halliday's Vol. When the time came for the child to be born, the druid said, "Daughter, if it is today that you shall bear the child, he shall be a druid; but if he is not born until tomorrow, the child shall be king and his descendants shall be a royal race." Muncha said: "My son shall not be born until tomorrow so that he shall be king.

Cessair, along with three men, Bith, Fintan and Ladra, and fifty women, set off and sailed for more than seven years. n na m Barc (Donemark, on Bantry Bay in County Cork), forty days before the Flood, in Age of the World 2242 according to the Annals of the Four Masters, or 2361 BC according to Seathr? Cessair and sixteen others went with Fintan, seventeen, including Barann, went with Bith and sixteen, including Balba, with Ladra, but Ladra died and his wives were shared between Fintan and Bith. She is said to be buried at the summit of Cnoc Meadha, six miles south-west of Tuam, County Galway The rest of Cessair's people were wiped out in the Flood, with the exception of Fintan, who turned into a salmon. othena, teaching the languages and other laudable sciences, until upon report of his great learning he was invited into Egypt by Pharaoh, nectonibus ii the King; 380-363bc who gave him the land of Campus Cyrunt, near the Red Sea to inhabit, and his daughter Scota tephi in marriage; from whom their posterity are ever since called Scots; but, according to some annalists, the name "Scots" is derived from the word Scythia. The to 165–195 Afterwards the druid and his daughter Muncha went to Western Magh Femhin, for there was Eoghan's residence at Knockgraffon.

Crushed rhizome (10 gm) is given twice daily in chest pain. Dried seed powder (2 gm) is given once to children as an anthelmintic. (Oleaceae), Sheuli (Bh), Saparom (San), Leaf juice (20 ml) with common salt is prescribed twice daily in malarial fever, cough and cold.

Seed powder with mustard oil (3:2) is applied on scalp for removing dandruff. (Oxalidaceae), Amruli (Bh), Amboti (San), Plant paste is given as an antidote to poison caused by Datura metel seeds and Thevetia peruviana fruits, Lukewarm seed paste is applied on piles to stop bleeding and to get relief from pain. (Combretaceae), Arjun (Bh), Kabua (Lo), Stem bark decoction (30ml) is given once daily for 30 days, in ischemic heart diseases. & Thoms (Menispermaceae), Latgulancha (Bh), Cunchi (San), Stem paste is prescribed as emollient for cracked bone and stem extraction (10 ml) is given once daily after delivery for vitality. (Lythraceae), Dhai phul (Bh), Dhadki (Mu), Leaf infusion (10 ml) with black pepper (3:1) is given twice daily for a week in indigestion.

Leaf paste together with paste of Haldi (Curcuma longa) is also applied on skin eruptions to get relief from irritation.(L.) Roxb.

The abbreviations (Bh, San, Mu, Kh, Lo, Or) have been used for Bhumij, Santal, Munda, Kheria, Lodha and Oraon tribes, respectively. (Meliaceae), Nim (Bh), Bokom-dare (San), Stem bark extract (10 ml) is given after menstruation for 3 days as contraceptive.

Nees (Acanthaceae), Kalmegh (Bh), Bhui-nimb (Lo); Leaf paste together with paste of black pepper is given in the morning once for 7 days in liver complaints, jaundice, malarial fever and stomach pain. Leaf extract (10 ml) is prescribed as febrifuge and seed oil is applied on scalp as hair promoter. (Bombacaceae), Shimul (Bh), Simal-dare (San), Fresh root paste with cow milk (1:3) is prescribed to regulate irregular menstruation and against leucorrhoea.

They inhabit varied geographical and climatic zones of the country and are dependent on plant resources.

They very often use the phytoresources of their surroundings to prevent and cure various ailments of their own and their domesticated animals.

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Plants have been arranged alphabetically and for each species botanical name, family, local name(s), parts used, mode of preparation & administration along with doses are provided..

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