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During the university time he was involved in many theatre productions. Raul portrayed Che along with Natalie Toro in the national tour of “Evita” in the 1999.

Esparza has achieved huge level of fame by his performance in the 2000 Broadway revival of “The Rocky Horror Show”, which won him the Theatre World Award.

So if he weren't bi and coming out as bi hurt is family why would he come out as bi in the first place, he told the truth and was honest, it caused pain to his family but he had to be himself, his true authentic bisexual self. Hey, folks, there's a proper Raul thread to post in, here.He doesn't address the sexuality issue at all in his answer.He learned a lesson the hard way with that NY Times interview. If he needed to correct the media, he would have by now. And, even if he dates men, that doesn't mean he isn't bi.He learned not to talk about his private life no matter how the questions are phrased. And, why would he let the interviewer think he is bi without saying something to correct him since the subject of his sexuality already came up? And how the hell do you know that NOBODY is bi at age 45, R49? He said himself that he dated and liked girls in high school. He learned that lesson very well, and he will never again trust the media.In your obsessive devotion to your fantasy, r44 et al, you've missed the point. After getting burned in the NY Times interview, he will never again address the issue in public so you will never get the neat and tidy answer you so desperately crave. And how do any of you know who he sleeps with or dates? Get over it DL and quit being so discriminatory against people who are bi."If he were gay he'd say so". He's not going to "correct" the media because it's none of their business. He's not interested in correcting a media perception.

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He just makes me want to: 1.) have hours and hours of nasty sex with him - followed by: 2.) cuddling and spoon feeding him ice cream while indulging in baby talk with him.

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