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Maybe they will be a sweet couple, but first she needs to get dressed up for her date.Can you help her pick the right clothers for her date? Yet, on the other hand, it’s harder to find someone who you aren’t sure will commit to a long-term relationship (perhaps you aren’t sure about it, too).This is not to say that online dating or meeting your partner online is guaranteed to fail- .You could say that I come from the older, “traditional” conception of dating (e.g.meeting someone in person through mutual friends/relatives at some event, going on dates and hitting it of, etc.), and now this new tradition of meeting people on the Internet seems quite….She also acknowledges that Tinder is sort of a “joke,” in the sense that there are some weird people on there, but she goes along with it in a fun, playful manner.Basically, Tinder is a great way to be entertained, as well as make connections with others in the area, even if it’s transient.

But my mom and my cousin justified online dating/finding people online by saying that, besides technology making it more accessible to find others these days, it’s also the fact that most working adults don’t really have the time to meet people outside of work, being busy and all.

Personally, I don’t have Tinder, and I have my reasons as to why I don’t have one, but that’s besides the point.

I won’t go into too much on it, but I have other friends who use Tinder for the very same reasons as well, and I let them enjoy their fun.

In both cases, my friend and my family were discussing the culture of online dating, and it seemed that they were accepting of it.

For example: my friend, who has a Tinder, says that she uses it not necessarily for dating, but for “meeting people” to hang out- to get lunch or coffee between classes or work.

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