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Authorities cite public safety as the primary reason that the cameras are installed, which may increase the risk of rear-end collisions.

The elevated incentive to stop may mitigate side collisions.

Some traffic signals have an all red duration, allowing a grace period of a few seconds before the cross-direction turns green.

Some studies have confirmed more rear-end collisions where red light cameras have been used, while side collisions decreased, but the overall collision rate has been mixed.

Typically, a law enforcement official will review the photographic evidence and determine whether a violation occurred.

Generally the camera is triggered when a vehicle enters the intersection (passes the stop-bar) after the traffic signal has turned red.

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Ohio and Georgia introduced a statute requiring that one second be added to the standard yellow time of any intersection that has a red light camera, which has led to an 80% reduction in tickets since its introduction.

New Jersey has the strictest yellow timing provisions in the country as a result of concerns that cameras would be used to generate revenue; they have a statute specifying that the yellow time for an intersection that has a red light camera must be based on the speed at which 85% of the road's traffic moves rather than be based on the road's actual speed limit.

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