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” or “wouldn’t having faster-growing neurons increase your cancer risk? You can certainly use an AI like the ones in chess-playing computers, but nobody’s very scared of the AIs in chess-playing computers either. Remember the classic programmers’ complaint: computers always do what you tell them to do instead of what you meant for them to do.

” Computers are not known for having to fit through birth canals or getting cancer, so it may be that AI researchers only have to develop a few basic principles – let’s say enough to make cow-level intelligence – and after that the road to human intelligence runs through adding the line Number Of Neurons Simulated = 100000000000 to the code, and the road to superintelligence runs through adding another zero after that. Computer programs rarely do what you want the first time you test them.

Far be it from me to claim to know more than Musk or Altman about anything, but I propose that the correct answer to “what would you do if Dr. ” is “cry tears of joy and declare victory”, because anybody at all having a usable level of control over the first superintelligence is so much more than we have any right to expect that I’m prepared to accept the presence of a medical degree and ominous surname. In this situation, we have to worry about who controls those AIs, and it is here that Open AI’s model makes the most sense.

They are naturally fragile and oriented toward specific goals.They did not see it until the atomic bombs burst in their fumbling hands…before the last war began it was a matter of common knowledge that a man could carry about in a handbag an amount of latent energy sufficient to wreck half a city Wells believed the coming atomic bombs would be so deadly that we would inevitably create a utopian one-world government to prevent them from ever being used. They would worry about what might happen when the first nation – let’s say America – got the Bomb. But imagine that in the 1910s and 1920s, some elites had started thinking really seriously along Wellsian lines.So in 1920, these elites pooled their resources and made their own Manhattan Project.Their efforts bore fruit, and they learned a lot about nuclear fission; in particular, they learned that uranium was a necessary raw material.

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