Reese witherspoon and joaquin phoenix dating

He flew in late for the British premiere of his latest film, and his body clock is still on Hollywood time, though the packet of cigarettes he is chain-smoking his way through by an open window seems to be wrenching him into the present.

Mid-cigarette, he's wry and convivial, but the moment it's finished we're back on a hump, and he's scratching the armrest of his chair until the next one is lit.

In the interim, the two spent a month in New York filleting her already pared-down script: "fighting the cliches of the genre, trying to find ways to say what was necessary, and I guess uncover Joe's personality," he says.

He also spoke with a former US Marine turned private security contractor who specialises in rescuing children from sexual slavery.

The coming together of Witherspoon and Phoenix will mark the duo's first collaboration since the 2005 Johnny Cash biopic.

Mind you, there won't be any singing this time around, but this bit of casting news is still, er, music to our ears.

To get around the smallest conversational hummock you have to gun the engine like billy-oh, then suddenly you're skittering down the side of a gully at breakneck speed.

Or at least that's how things are in his London hotel room this morning, where the 43-year-old actor has just awoken from a two-hour nap after staring at the ceiling all night.

Talking to Joaquin Phoenix is like verbal motocross."I think oftentimes as an actor you're shielded from that stuff," he says.As for the sexual assaults: "I'd heard rumours about him sleeping with actresses, but they were just rumours.Phoenix isn't generally big on mixing life and work, to the extent that he has told his social circle not to mention his films full stop."I ask my friends if they do see a movie that I'm in to please not talk to me about it," he says."I'm not one of those people who wants to invite everyone to their screening.

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