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BREVE HISTORIAL DA MAONARIA EM PORTUGALPelo Irmo A. Gonalves Mestre Maom,, Grande Loja Regular de Portugal/GLLP ( Portuguese ) Chapters of Masonic History by Bro. PART - XIII VARIOUS GRAND LODGES; FRANCE, GERMANY, ETC.

216Editor of "Harashim" and "The Proceedings" of the Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council. Gonalves Anderson Lodge No 16, Grand Regular Lodge of Portugal.

Irmo Lucas Francisco GALDEANO 33, Presidente do Conselho Editorial do Jornal Egrgora - rgo Oficial de Divulgao do Grande Oriente do Distrito Federal - GOB. Irmo Lucas Francisco GALDEANO 33, Membro da Loja de Pesquisas Manicas do Grande Oriente do Brasil A REVIEW OF SOME MODERN ENGLISH EXPOSURES by Wor. Tony Pope, PM South Australian Lodge of Research No.

Report of the lodge meeting ( with pictures ) hold by New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) in the cavern ( King Solomon's Temple ) under the Dome of the Rock at Jerusalem during the first world war. direttore di PS Review of Freemasonry MASSONERIA ED ILLUMINISMO IN SICILIA nella seconda met del XVIII secolo: il messinese Andrea Gallo del Fr. 4259 UGLE ( En ) ROYAL ARCH HISTORY IN THREE LECTURES by ALBERT G. The editor asked Dafoe:"Are or are not Freemasons the direct descendants of the Knights Templar? Mackey Award in 2001 for Excellence in Masonic Scholarship Quatuor Coronati Lodge No 2076, London, awarded him the Norman Spencer Prize in 1986 and in 1993. DEUX ITINRAIRES MAONNIQUES ENTRE PARIS, VARSOVIE ET SAINT-PTERSBURG LA TOMBE DES LUMIRES.

Stephen Dafoe is a well-known Masonic scholar, he is the author of 'Noble Born' and 'The Compasses and the Cross' a History of the Masonic Knights Templar. THE POLITE REVOLUTION, The Formation of American Grand Lodges, 17771806 THE EYE IN THE PYRAMID Loge Les Amis Discrets n 26 Grande Loge Suisse Alpina Fellow of the Scottish Rite Research Society Albert G. LE CONVENT DES SUPRMES CONSEILS DU RITE COSSAIS ANCIEN ET ACCEPT, 1875 1. SOCIABILIT MAONNIQUE ET RSEAUX INTELLECTUUELS AUTUOR D'IGNAZ VON BORN, FIGURE CENTRALE DE L'AUFKLRUNG AUTRICHIENNE.

Document of Recognition by GLNF (Italiano-English) GRAN LOGGIA REGOLARE D'ITALIA.

ASHMOLE ELIAS a short biography of this famous english freemason ( English ) ASPETTI STORICI della Libera Muratoria di W. (English) ROYAL ARCH HISTORY IN THREE LECTURES by ALBERT G. A little known independent Order; or possibly a lost Scottish Ritual found? 2076, London, awarded this paper the Norman Spencer Prize in 2006. PIKE, MACKEY AND THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES AMERICAN FREEMASONS AND THE SPIRIT OF FREEDOM THE LETTER G THE HIGH DEGREES IN THE USA: 1730-1830 VOTING WITH THEIR FEET THE POST BOY SHAM EXPOSURE OF 1723 THE SIREN SONG OF SOLICITATION THE PUBLIC IMAGE OF FREEMASONRY LODGED IN THE CANON WHY THIRTY-THREE? Le Convent - Ractions nationales - Consquences internationales I. LA RECHERCHE MAONNIQUE EN FRANCE LES METAMORPHOSES DE LA PHILANTHROPIE MAONNIQUE LE COSMOPOLITISME DES LUMIERES A L'EPREUVE LE GRAND MAITRE MARQUIS DE GAGES ET LES RELATIONS MAONNIQUES GALLO-BELGES AU XVIIIe SIECLE L'OUVERTURE D'UN HORIZON ACADEMIQUE: ACADEMICIENS ET FRANC-MAONS MESSINS AU XVIIIe SIECLE THTRE DE SOCIET ET FRANC-MAONNERIE ARISTOCRATIQUE DANS L'EUROPE DES LUMIRES: UNE RENCONTRE RUSSIE OFFICIERS MOYENS, SOCIABILIT ET FRANC-MAONNERIE. LES RELATIONS MAONNIQUES FRANCO-RUSSES AU XVIIIe SICLE D'APRS LE JOURNAL DU DIPLOMATE BOURRE DE CORBERON. Bro Colin Wilson PProv AGDC Heriots Wood Lodge 7765 Middlesex England. The History of The Knights Grand Cross of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, Newcastle upon Tyne. Falconer VII, SPM & Deputy Grand Master Mason, E&NE of Australia ( Eng ) The advancement of Freemasonry's "revolutionary" ideals and the application of it's framework to the motivations of those involved in the liberation of the Spanish colonies in South America, most especially with the rise of Simon Bolivar. MASONIC EDUCATION - LODGES OF INSTRUCTION MASTERS' LODGES THE 4th DEGREE IN THE CRAFT MASONIC TRACING BOARDS MASONIC GLOBES DERMOTT' S AHIMAN REZON BEYOND THE MASONIC VEIL WINSTON CHURCHILL A Famous Man and a Freemason OSCAR WILDE A University Mason PETER SELLERS Mason for the Wrong Reason ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE - Spiritualist and Freemason WILLIAM HOGARTH - The Man, The Artist and His Masonic Circle GILBERT & SULLIVAN : Musical Masons WELLINGTON : Soldier, Politician and initiated Freemason ELIAS ASHMOLE: Masonic Icon LORD KITCHENER: Active Soldier, Active Freemason THE AUGUST ORDER OF LIGHT 18th CENTURY MASONIC EPHEMERA MEDIATIONS ET APPROPRIATIONS CULTURELLES... Irmo William Almeida de Carvalho 33 QCCC MPS Ex-Diretor da Biblioteca do Grande Oriente do Brasil (em Portugus) A PLURALIDADE DE RITOS MANICOS NO BRASIL e no Grande Oriente do Brasil, em Ven. Irmo Omar CARTES, Loja Guatimozn 66, Grande Loja Manica do Estado de So Paulo (Brazil) CULTURAL MASONIC CENTRE PRINS FREDERIK The Hague, The Netherlands.

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Celil Layiktez PAGM, Grand Lodge of Turkey, Editor of TESVYE (The Level), the Masonic Magazine of the Grand Lodge of Turkey. PHANTASIA & CURIOSITAS NOTE INTRODUTTIVE ALLA RICERCA ALCHEMICA ALCHIMIA L' UOVO E LA GALLINA.....

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