Ri law mandating coverage of newborns

The scope of the religious exemptions pertaining to sick and injured children varies widely.

Some protect only a right to pray or a right to rely exclusively on prayer when the illness is trivial while others confer a legal right for parents to withhold even lifesaving medical care from children.

Judge Ann Montgomery wrote that her ruling was “premised on the notion that nonmedical nursing services, including such things as feeding, cleaning, clothing, and other aspects of physical maintenance can be ‘unbundled’ from medical nursing services.

She held that “religious nonmedical health care” is “a subset” of normal medical care. The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association, American Nurses Association, Iowa Medical Society, Minnesota Civil Liberties Union, Americans for Religious Liberty, American Humanist Association, and the Council for Secular Humanism filed amicus briefs in support of CHILD.

In 1983 the Centers for Disease Control and the Indiana Board of Health conducted a study of Faith Assembly members, who shun all medical care including obstetrics.

Pregnant women in Faith Assembly were 86 times more likely to die than other expectant mothers in Indiana. The Netherlands had an outbreak of 2000 measles cases, including three deaths of young people, that began at a Dutch Orthodox Reformed Church school in 1999-2000.

Some are in chapters on the duty to report child abuse and neglect, thus apparently exempting mandated reporters from reporting cases of faith-based medical neglect to state child protection services.

The facilities, called “sanatoria” by the government, are staffed by “nurses” who have no state licensure, medical training, or even first aid training.Washington has made prayer “medically necessary health care” for all diseases of helpless children.In 2003 CAPTA was reauthorized with no change to the religious exemptions although several organizations called upon Congress to remove the exemption, including the United Methodist Church, National Association of Medical Examiners, Justice for Children, and the National Child Abuse Coalition, which consists of about thirty national organizations working to prevent child abuse.22-29, 1989): 1657-8, and William Simpson, “Comparative mortality in two college groups, 1945-83,” Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report 40(August 23,1991):579-82.Pediatrician Seth Asser and CHILD president Rita Swan have published a study of 172 deaths of children when medical care was withheld on religious grounds.

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