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During the tour promoting Echo Park, Feeder were joined by Matt Sime (02/12/??

) - who has engineered a number of their albums - to play keyboards/synth.

Only Multi-Story actually released anything - an album called Through Your Eyes. He's done session drumming for various artists and bands including Alistair Cowan, Man Or Mouse? Taka and Dean (Tidey) have both contributed to Matt Sime's Moozak. Swim The sleeve concept was designed by Grant Nicholas with Design & Realisation by Jeremy Plumb & Jacqui Edwards @ Sonicon.

They have won the following : Check out the Releases section on The Feeder Anorak. estimated values are given for every single release (apart from Compilations). just check out the Releases section for the Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and the Rest Of The World. Front & Back cover photographs were by Andrew Cameron and the colour band photo was by Robert Wyatt.

He became an official member of the band soon after. Dean also reappeared for the Carling Festival shows in 2002 and has been their touring guitarist ever since!

Many fans consider him as a member of the band, although it's never been made "official".

Mark also returned for the TOTP performance of Just A Day in late 2001. ) joined Feeder for their performance of Insomnia on Top Of The Pops.

Congratulations." Basically, Fitz is just the best and there needs to be more stories that show that. This will loosely follow Ao S, but I might divert from cannon at times. Except that it seems that the Ghost Rider isn't quite done with Melinda May and one Phillip J. “But Robin’s drawings, she said…” Fitz glances once more at Jemma and finds some stability in her gaze, but the it holds is rather unsettling. “I was on my way to find you.” She smiles at him, and it’s small, but genuine. You did.” She runs her own hand through his hair, entangling his fingers with hers and drawing them close to her chest. When Daisy confesses that she hasn't Done the Deed since Lincoln, and that this is starting to frustrate her in more ways than one, Jemma volunteers herself (and Fitz) to help.

It's all coming to an end on an idyllic beach, just like they knew it eventually would. This is a highly AU version of Rocket Raccoon's creation.

Echo Park Art direction was by Blue Source and the illustrations were by Roy Wilkinson. For an excellent run down of Feeder's chart history to date, check out this page.

Comfort In Sound All artwork was supplied by Aya Takano. No definite plans for this at the moment but it's been heavily rumoured for years! The DVD contains all the (UK) Feeder videos recorded up to that date.

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