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There are so many of you I want to hug and kiss and say thank you to. Jerry Edelstein, my Godfather, my protector; Charles Sussman, who has filled those big shoes . Paul Korzilius, the one man I’d want in the foxhole with me, thank you for giving me your life. It all depends on how you read into those words - it's about time. I thank my lucky stars for the time I got to spend with each of you. Professional, as well as spiritual guides, in the form of my angels, Katie Agresta, Mary Jo Du Prey, John Shanks, Steve Thaxton, Dean Grillo, Steve Cohen, Lou Cox - they all helped put me back together again.When we went back into the studio in the spring of 2016, there was a renewed sense of pride and purpose.The big happy anthems of the hedonistic Eighties had gone out of style.

There was a feeling of a band working together, with something to say. David stepped up to fill the creative and emotional gaps that were left behind.Everyone that was involved in that record and the tour brought out the best in each other. Thank you to all those who helped write that chapter.Many millions of records and hundreds of shows later came the New Jersey album, another five Top 10 singles, millions more records and hundreds more shows. They say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. To Bruce Fairbairn, who produced Slippery and New Jersey.We ring in the new century and introduce ourselves to a new generation with "It's My Life" on the Crush record, followed by Bounce.In 2005, Jack Rovner joins the team and challenges the status quo.

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