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The sky is the limit, but we’re very down-to-earth. In fact, many of our clients are world leaders, though of course we would never divulge their identities.

We use a variety of different therapeutic techniques, including in-depth Kinsey-style client interviews and analysis, fantasy roleplay, G-spot, P-spot and PC muscle exercises, fetish exploration systems, sexual confidence building, guided masturbation, compassionate S/M and bondage play, issue-focused phone sex, transgender facilitation, erotic hypnosis and many other pleasure sex techniques. If you’ve never called before, you needn’t be nervous or embarrassed. You might also be reassured to know that we keep no client records whatsoever on computers.

When you call for telephone sex therapy, you can request Dr.

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Block or any particular therapist will be available.

We are sex therapists with empowering experience, great libidos, fantastic imaginations and tremendous empathy.

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It is our aim to provide the most sexual, sensual satisfaction throughout all the telecommunication’s providers located in Australia and the rest of the world 24/7. There is something here to sexually please the erotic and sexual needs of just about everyone – Our business provides Amazingly Sexy Girls, One to One, Multicultural Women, Foreplay, Roleplay, Bi-Sexual operators, Bondage and Discipline, Group Orgies, MILF’s, Horny Mature Women, Porn Stars and many many more fetishes to choose from.

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