Romeo miller and chelsie hightower dating im dating rhonda

Mixtapes, EP's, collaborations and upcoming album[ edit ] In , Miller stated he was working on his fourth studio album titled Gumbo Station.

He and Chelsie were eliminated in the semifinals, however, this Game Time[ edit ] In , a year later after his debut album, Miller put out his second studio album, Game Time.

It’s easier said than done.”“People see my body and ask me what I do to work out.

I play a lot of basketball so I’m constantly dribbling and running up the court.

Adjudicator always looks by law and there is no law which says if you are laid off within 180 days your I-485 can not be approved. There's already a thread for "laidoff" related issues..

The Visa(GC) numbers will be deducted only after the approval of I-485.In this situation, the last action would be your admission until the visa and date.As i get a new I94 attached with expiration date as my new 797 approval date(Assuming i get approval after my travel when i am in USA) .His debut single, My Baby, is his most successful single to date, and certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).From 2001 to 2016 he has released nine studio albums.

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Only problem i can think of is if i dont get I 94 attached to my I 797 Approval Notice. In that case, your old expiration date will govern, because it will supersede the extension approval based on the CIS "last action rule."Hi all, My attorney (a great guy by the way) filed my I485 without my employment verification letter. Employer not revoking your I-140 itself proves "employer intention" to hire him back on adjudication. there are chances that you get doomed by IO during 485 adjudication.

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