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I think the series is an extremely important one, and I hope Tristan makes many more.

This one was not my favorite (although James and Bobbi’s scene is badass), but if you are into food play and clothespins, you may find much more to love than I did.

Other than that, there are a lot of clothespins, spitting into mouths, and Adrianna deepthroating like the champ she is. I did appreciate that way Mark slurped his own come off Adrianna at the end, as if he hadn’t eaten for a week.

The pony play scene disappointed the hell out of me.

, she has created a sequel that is longer (3.5 hours, yo), kinkier, and more creative.

It still follows the same format: awesome women tell Tristan a specific fantasy of theirs, and Tristan makes it happen.

I've been with my new boyfriend for 2 months now but we've been friends for nearly 10 years so things are good, we were recently having a chat about sex and fantasies etc.

anyway to cut a long story short I told him I like a bit of rough sex nothing drastic a bit of manhandling, just animalistic lusty sex ( maybe a little bit of spanking too ) but he's well not up for it he's worried he's going to hurt me even though I've tried to explain I'm not made of glass and its not like were doing extreme S and M its a bit of slap and tickle for god sake!

I did appreciate the unabashed use of negotiation footage, the interesting camera angles, and the effort that obviously went into making each scene unique (props and scenery).

She has the most intricate fantasy, and it’s a good one — she wants a bunch of dudes to be playing poker, with her as the servant to her master, until she spills a drink and has to submit to all the men.

But this is not a “free-for-all gangbang,” as Tristan explains in the negotiations, and that’s what I like about it.

I will say that I loved Nathan Menace fucking Madison Young with a carrot; this moment is where the pony play clicked for me, where Madison’s whinnying became hot and the fantasy was believable.

Sadly, the carrot-fucking is short-lived, and the rest of the scene is plagued by Nathan’s inability to let go and involve himself fully in the scene.

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  1. If you had worked there longer and had decent rapport with him, I’d suggest just closing his door when these conversations begin and/or saying to him, “Barnaby, I think I now know way too much about your relationship with Clarissa — can you close the door next time? or “Um, did you know we can hear your conversations with Clarissa and some of them are uncomfortable to overhear? or “Whoa, I feel like I’m working inside of a Cinemax movie” …