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Fighting morning sickness and staying nourished can be a challenge in your first trimester, and now that cravings have started you may find that you're reaching for quick snacks and empty calories most of the time.If you want to save yourself time and frustration, consider investing in a quality blender this week to help you keep up a healthy diet for pregnancy.’” The husband added: “Who benefits from having their ‘turn’ to have children dictated, and following those rules?” Japanese journalist Toko Shirakawa told the newspaper that companies where women make up the majority of the staff often dictate the order in which workers can get pregnant.

This stage of pregnancy brings the highest chance of miscarriage, and although most miscarriages cannot be traced to a specific cause, you should be very careful about what you take into your body right now to increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

The ears were just small indentations a few days ago but now they are developing their internal and external parts. The aortic and pulmonary valves of the heart are present (helping the heart pump at an extraordinary rate), the arms have elbows and baby's limbs have the beginnings of fingers and toes.

The fetus can even make sporadic movements by now, though they are far too faint for you to feel.

“It is a noble profession that nurtures children who will forge the future of this country.

“I respect my wife for her commitment to her profession, and continue to encourage her.

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