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In total the country was stripped of 11 of its 33 medals meaning it has lost its position at the top of the Sochi table to Norway - slipping to fourth place.In October, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States of putting indirect pressure on the IOC to block Russia from the Games in South Korea.The footage emerged as President Putin hit out at the ban, describing it as 'staged and politically motivated.' Speaking to automobile plant workers in Nizhny Novgorod, where he announced plans to run for a fourth term, he continued to deny the existence of any state-sponsored doping programme.Putin also gave his blessing for athletes to compete as neutrals, having earlier raised the prospect of a complete boycott.

While Sotherton acknowledged the medal was 'better late than never', she also tweeted a picture of her despondent face as she crossed the line in China.Will never get those few moments back, ever.'It is the second time that Sotherton, now 41, has been upgraded to an Olympic medal because of doping.Belarus and Russia were belatedly eliminated from the 2008 4x400m - where Britain finished fifth -after retrospective testing showed drug abuse.This is the moment Russia's would-be Winter Olympians learned they would not be competing in next year's event.Some walked from the room in disgust as the International Olympics Committee issued a blanket ban to the team, while others sat with their heads in their hands.

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