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Take into account what you have to offer yourself as there will be more chemistry and chances for long-term success when a couple is equally matched.There is a traditional Russian joke which sums this up. Looking into the fire the first man says "I never married" "Why? "Because I was always searching for my perfect woman" "You never found her then?With so much choice available it is tempting to keep searching for 'perfection' even when you have met a great potential partner.

If you are serious about finding a bride then being proactive greatly increases your chances.We have found that 20% of Russian brides on our site get 80% of the attention – serious odds if you are looking for success.Take some time to think about what you may be missing out on.You want to find a woman who is positive, cheerful and good fun to be with.And remember that some Russian women just take a better photograph.

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