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Three girls agreed to be smuggled to the United States in mid-May and once they were in or near San Antonio, they were primped, new clothes were bought for them and they were given English lessons.

Their understanding was that they did not have to have sex with the men.

Using deception, threats of harm, physical force and psychological coercion, Salazar compelled their service for prostitution in Houston area bars.

If the women are young and pretty, they are kept in houses of prostitution where they have to have their families buy them out or work their way out.

Most of the money they earned went to the family or to pay off smuggling debts.

The women also were charged for food, lingerie and forced abortions, making it hard for them to ever completely clear their debts. That pitch allegedly made by a trio of women sounded like gold to some impressionable teens and a young woman not making much in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Of course, none will testify to this because the coyotes know where they are from and can seek revenge on their families in Under Secretary Gutierrez noted that these programs are directed towards providing comprehensive attention for victims on our common border, as well as in southern Mexico; fighting sexual tourism involving minors; creating awareness about the risks of trafficking in persons and related crimes; and deepening the exchange of information and intelligence that will allow us dismantle, apprehend and prosecute criminal organizations, while strictly applying the laws of each country. Suggested motives have included drug trafficking, trafficking in organs, trafficking of women for sexual exploitation, domestic violence, sexual violence and the production of violent videotapes.

Before the night is over, the girls of "Zona Rosa" - a notorious red-light district just a few blocks from the main tourist drag in this Mexican border town - will make as much as 0 each by selling sex., and forced them to engage in prostitution.

"And a young teenage girl does not have the experience to make these decisions." Oaxaca state law permits marriage of women at 14 and men at 16.But rather than the glitz they were promised, they were sold in an underground world for prostitution, according to prosecutors and documents filed in federal court Friday.Anyone who fled would die, and their families would also suffer the same fate, the statements said.The victims were forced to perform acts of prostitution at a rate of to per "John." Of that amount, the owners and managers of the brothels took half, and the other half was taken by the defendants and other members of the When she arrived she was raped by all three men and sold to a Yakuza organized crime boss, who branded her across the chest with a 6-inch (15-centimeter) rose tattoo.He forced her to provide sexual services to up to 40 clients a day, she said. This event helped professionals in the entertainment industry focus on the subject of human trafficking and, in particular, the situation of trafficking victims, in order to assist writers and editors in this field to incorporate realistic depictions of this scourge in their story lines.

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The meeting Trafficking of Persons and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Minors, organized by the executive committee the Inter-American Network of Parliamentarian Women, was held in the Mexican city of Puebla on March 1, 2006.

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