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The bomb was placed underneath his vehicle and detonated as it approached a traffic signal.The following week on 22 November, in Riyadh close to the RSAF HQ, a car bomb detonated on a vehicle driven by British national Mark Payne.

Unable to work due to their harsh treatment in detention, Jones and Soni left Saudi Arabia soon thereafter. He returned to work at SABIC but left Saudi Arabia without authorization in January 2002 to resume his law practice in New York. strike on Afghanistan on 6 October, a pedestrian suicide bomber (who Saudi authorities claim to have been a Palestinian dentist) killed a 33-year-old American employee of Halliburton from Duncan, Oklahoma: Michael Jerrald Martin, outside the popular Metropolitan Store (Mushiri Trading) in Al Khobar.“The ability of these early people to widely colonise this region casts doubt on long-held views that early dispersals out of Africa were localised and unsuccessful.” The researchers predict this fossil will be the first of many tracing the path of human migration across Asia.“What we are arguing for here is that there were multiple dispersals out of Africa, so the process of the movement and colonisation of Eurasia was far more complicated than our textbooks tell us,” said Professor Petraglia.Now, archaeologists have evidence of humans successfully striking out into the unknown, early in our species’ history.“This discovery for the first time conclusively shows that early members of our species colonised an expansive region of south-west Asia and were not just restricted to the Levant,” said Dr Groucutt.

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